A Little About Me!

I’m 24 Years old and never attended collge instead I want in to the Marine Corps were i could actually live life. Low and behold how wrong I really was.  Im stuck in the government suckfest, while trying to make ends make barely making enough to pay my bills and buy food at the same time. If some one were to tell me this is where I would be I would laugh at them and tell them they are crazy, well look at me know. Here and learning to live with it. Man is the economy really this bad to point where I choose to stay in and suffer another long 4 years. Yes i did because health insurance isnt cheap and my son deserves the best even though i cant afford it half the time. But i always find a way to make it work and with the help of my Boyfriend Sean, we always seem to manage even if we only get to go on one date every three months. (it makes those nights so much more special because we dont get them that often)


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