TiT for TaT

20 06 2012

         So this one im going to write about over the course of this week because I feel that it needs the time and energy that it really is going to deserve (actually thats not the reason at all, more or less so that through the week i can collect valid points to support my theory)

At the beginning of the week I read a blog from a fellow Marine (www.wordpress.com/whatyoutalkingaboutwillis) and a fellow Richmonder. What can I say, we have alot of shit that we can choose to talk about. Now to the reason I am making this post. After reading said post on person A’s blog, I left a comment stating how it was indeed accurate except for a blurp about woman belong making sandwhichs and doing laundry, and in my case I not only do that but I work 40 hours plus a week. So polite comments back and forth  for a while ( the whole thing was rather polite, but you will see my point in a minute) towards the end i state that if I do not get promoted to Sgt, I will have reached my service limitations ( the Marine Corps way of forcing people out) and if approved will recieve my seperations pay benefit of 22K dollars. Now with that being said making small talk and if you read my last post you would know that my job in the Mairne Corps is to process such requests, so assume that I know the ends and outs of said process. (Because I do) SO WHAY MUST YOU FIGHT ME ON THIS… when i clearly know what the hell im talking about. Saying your unit doesnt get shit doesnt make you right it is a MarAdmin published by Higher Headquarters, your retarded Commanding Officer doesnt override the Commanding General of your base nor does it override the Commadant of the Marine Corps. so please Mr. Grunt Marine get it through your head that I am right and you get the same benefits that everyone else does. Plain and simple.

But the real problem— Every male marine thinks like this. Espcially the ones in Combat MOS’. Well listen up devil, if it werent for those wookies,WM, female marines, what ever you want to calls us, your heads would be so far up your ass you could see light again. Give me a break I agree 100% that WOMEN should not be in a combat MOS, our bodies werent made to handle it, and the number of EO complaints would shoot through the roof. But you have another thing coming if you think your going to tell me how to do my job when you can barely do yours, and all you do is bitch about it all day. I dont freakin think so.

I know I’m just venting and maybe that is what I need to do because even my boyfriend says things that pertain to Female Marines. Like he hates them all yet he dates one, but maybe thats because I dont bring work home with me and bitch about it on here! I love being the career planner and helping Marines decide whether or not this is for them and to further their knowledge about what the Marine Corps can give them, but I hate the politics I really do.