19 06 2012

So the last time I posted I was venting about how I hated my job and I was a whale with legs…. thank god that parts over. I have a wonderful man and a awesome little man that is a whopping 9 months old now.

To get to the point I was trying to make earlier with the title of this segment. If you are a marine you will know what I am talking about. About a month ago I became the career planner for my unit, with that being said I have seen some good marines have to get out to service limitations and nasty ones get to stay in because their job promotes easily. Is it really fair, I don’t think so. Its like telling that guy that a worked for you for 10 years that since there are no spots for promotion we are gunna go ahead and fire you. Ain’t that some shit. But I think I’m just ranting because if i don’t get promoted I will soon fall into that very same massive boat that the Marine corps wants to call down sizing because the government doesn’t have enough funds or whatever reason they are feeding us these days….. I’ll leave that for another day. 

now to rant about my life. I swear that I need a day off I work 25/8/366. The weekends are work work is work everything’s work. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and I truly enough it but by the time I get home and still have to cook dinner do the dishes the laundry isn’t done Gabe needs a bath and to get fed and is driving me crazy because he wants to put anything and everything in his mouth. Some one please tell me how they do this on a regular basis because there are moments in my life where I do t have the energy and if it weren’t for sean I would have lost my mind. Being a Marine and a parent at the same time is not easy and i give props to all the single Moms and dads out there doing it because I have help and its still hard so I could only imagine. Wellllllll I guess that’s enough of that.


My handsome. Lil man.